Week 1 of 8

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So…..a lot has happened since my first post, and I am truly grateful for the amazing support I received since I took the plunge and made this public. THANK YOU 💚

Monday was an interesting day, filled with surges of motivation with me going for a walk in the morning so I can get my step count up to the infamous 10K(missed it by 1K, BUT, I got there today-woohoo🎊🎉).

It also brought the weigh-in that marked the beginning of the 8-week programme. This was a little different, with the ‘scale’ being an Inbody scan, which, when you step on correctly, does a full body scan which is printed for you to cry over. I looked at mine and took several deep breaths (had to stop myself- didn’t want to run the risk of putting on any more weight🙃). Ok, that bit of drama is over with, I knew what the situation was, and embarking on this is a step towards a more confident me, someone I am comfortable with.

I’m not yet at the ‘lets share pictures and measurements’ stage, but this is the ‘lay of the land’ and my aim is to literally shift the scales.

My gym, FitBody Fitness, is like no other. The support is amazing and the rest of the group seem lovely. Our initial meeting was at the weigh-in and there were many nervous laughs and words of encouragement. From the moment I signed up, I was added into a closed group where Darren (my trainer) shared sample calorie menus and answered any and ALL questions we had, big or small. His rules are simple for the 8 weeks-:

  • Get in at least 10K steps daily
  • Make sure you reach your daily calories
  • ALWAYS hit your protein target
  • attend the group work out sessions at least 3 times a week, we are also free to join any of the other classes should we choose
  • if you ‘fall off the wagon’, just pick yourself up and move forward
  • never think you are alone in this
  • and do this for YOURSELF

So, this is where I am right now, getting familiar with my calories and trainers (takkies for my SA followers 😃). The next big step is getting through the first workout session…that’s happening later today. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.



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